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Okay, I should admit it. This one (the picture) is the fanciest Semanggi I’ve ever seen. Normally you won’t meet Semanggi served on the plate. It is wrapped in banana leaves. The seller walk door to door while shouting, “Manggiiii….”

Anyway, this short writing by Ayos Purwoaji appeared on National Geographic Traveler Indonesia July, 2016 edition.

Missing my most unforgettable cuisine while lived in Surabaya: Mi Pangsit Tenda Biru and Penyetan Imute.


Well, I don’t know how many times Ayos spent his night watching Ludruk. Since he often writes about it, I guess he seriously loves that traditional performances. This one was published on National Geographic Traveler Indonesia last year on November. Credit to Stevanus Lim as the photographer.

Jazzing up the Papua special edition on Linkers (Citilink Inflight Magazine), Ayos Purwoaji told a story about the land of butterflies. It has been published at Maret 2017 together with another writings about the beauty of Papua.


Hello after a very long hiatus! 😀

Been busy with A to Z things, but still trying (so hard) to keep contribute something on several travel magazines. Not about the payment, but it just feel so good to see the writing was printed on the paper, especially the high quality one 😀

So, here it is… “Senandika Kereta” published on Destinasian Indonesia Magz January 2017 edition written by Ayos Purwoaji. And kudos to Agung Parameswara who were photographed the train attendants beautifully.