Back to Bali! Hahaha, looks like I already over-posted about that island. Okay, this gonna be the last article (at least for now). Not about Ubud, or Kuta, or Denpasar. I took a journey in Jembrana. Never heard that before? It’s located on the west side of Bali. I went there for a reason, to watch a traditional buffalo race.  Well, you could read the rest on Travelounge Magz on February 2013. Or here, of course by clicking the images. Gladly, the article is also provided in English version 🙂 (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Makepung 1

Makepung 2

Makepung 3

Makepung 4

Makepung 5

Makepung 6

Makepung 7Makepung 8Makepung 10
Makepung 9