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Back to Bali! Hahaha, looks like I already over-posted about that island. Okay, this gonna be the last article (at least for now). Not about Ubud, or Kuta, or Denpasar. I took a journey in Jembrana. Never heard that before? It’s located on the west side of Bali. I went there for a reason, to watch a traditional buffalo race.  Well, you could read the rest on Travelounge Magz on February 2013. Or here, of course by clicking the images. Gladly, the article is also provided in English version 🙂 (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Makepung 1

Makepung 2

Makepung 3

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Do you have any excitement by welcoming Chinese New Year? Just take a walk on the Chinatown, then you’ll see that their already dressed-up mostly into reddish ornament. So does in Surabaya, where I’m living now. I wrote about the atmosphere in Surabaya Chinatown heading Chinese New Year. It is already published on Bali and Beyond Magz on February 2013 edition. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Bali Beyond 1

Bali Beyond 2

Bali Betond 3Bali Beyond 4Bali Beyond 5

Have I recommended you before to take some heritage trip on Central Java? From Semarang let’s move to next province, Yogyakarta. Go to the old city in Kotagede. The district is the witness of the greatness Mataram Kingdom. The Mataram Mosque is one of their legacy. Visiting Kotagede is so much fun. I’ve been there for several times. Just take a trip through the Kotagede alley by your own foot. Already wrote about the mosque on Travelounge Magz this March. Go get them at Soekarno Hatta Airport 🙂 (Dwi Putri Ratnasari) 

Masjid Kotagede 1

Masjid Kotagede 2

Sam Poo Kong 1Sam Poo Kong 2Bored with my posting about Bali? Then let’s fly to another island. Why don’t you try to explore Central Java? Surely, it’s not only about Batik, Javanese, or Borobudur. You could also make another heritage trip there. For example, Sam Poo Kong temple in Semarang that built as memoir of the famous Chinese explorer, Cheng Ho. This article published on Travelounge Magz on February 2013. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Hey, getaway from Ubud and Kintamani! Let’s make some culinary trip on Denpasar. I think the Balinese culinary is heaven for them who loves spicy and hot food. Try Ayam Betutu if you don’t believe me hehee.. But make sure you are okay with tons of chili inside the dish. I also ate Nasi Ayam  Bu Mangku that originally came from Ubud (again!). Spent a very hot day in Sanur to taste the famous fish soup called Sup Ikan Mak Beng. I really loves that one. Surely will come back again next time. Other culinary worth to try is Tipat Tahu and Rujak Kuah Pindang. I wrote the review on Travelounge Magz on February 2013. Hm.. I’m hungry now. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Kuliner Denpasar 1

Kuliner Denpasar 2

Maya Ubud


Spending a nite in Maya Ubud Resort and Spa makes me feel… Gosh… I do want to stay here for a little bit longer. The room is heavenly beautiful, the staffs are so nice, and I adore the spa. Here’s a short review about Maya Ubud. Published on Getaway! Magz last January, 2013. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Finally! I traveled to Trunyan, the famous traditional cemetery by Bali Aga. Well, honestly it was a compliment from The Ayu Villas in Toya Bungkah, Kintamani. Not only Trunyan, they also took me for a bike tour in Batur Mountain. Couldn’t stop saying thank you 😀 I wrote the excitement when I got there on Getaway! Magz last December. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Kintamani 1

Kintamani 2

Kintamani 3

Never get bored travel to Ubud. They have their own magnetic atmosphere. One day, my friend told me something ridiculous, “I desperately wanna live in Ubud but get paid as well as a worker in Jakarta.” Hahaha. Nevermind. So here it is, my short articles about several times visiting Ubud. Published on Getaway Magz last November. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari)

Ubud 1

Ubud 2

Ubud 3