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When travel to Ubud, Bali, please prepare some money just in case you’ll find cool stuffs at Ubud Market. This market is located in the central point of the town. Here, you can find the real strength of Balinese woman. They were able to lift a full gallon of water to the head. Do bargain to get great price! 🙂 (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/ Travelboogie)


I just got back from Ubud, Bali yesterday and found that Ngaben Massal will be held at July 28th. The preparation for Ngaben, a traditional funeral for Balinese, are made in Puri Ubud. They built a tower that called Bade, to put the dead body. Then it will burn together with the bulls sculpture. Ngaben will be interesting ceremony that you should watch if you are in Bali next week. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/ Travelboogie)