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This article is about North Surabaya that known as the old town. Compare by other areas in Surabaya, the old town have their own characteristic especially on the architectural. The best time to enjoy Surabaya old town is on a very Sunday morning. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/ travelboogie)

Enjoy the city without hurry.

I am writing this article was inspired by a friend, Anitha Silvia. She formed a pedestrian community in Surabaya called Manic Street Walkers. I attended the event several times, and was so fun! So I want to spread the happiness of being pedestrian to every person who read this article. Yeay!

Books and libraries have become my lover for a long time. I always liked the atmosphere where a lot of books around me. And this is it! I made a list of literacy tour in Surabaya. Do not forget to visit, very enlightening!

This feature published by Getaway Magazine, April issue.