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I traveled to Karangasem, Bali on June 2011. It was a special time, because I wanted to watch an cultural procession called Mekare-kare or Pandanus War in Pegringsingan Village. The atmosphere were great there. Crowded but beautiful. I wish I could be there for this year too. Finally, the photos and the article published on Travelounge Magazine February issue. [Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie]


My old time feature, just got the softcopy today XD

“Among the graves… in the gloom and gleam, content to dwell where the dead men dream”

( Frank Lebby Stanton, American poet)

Have you ever thought to make the cemetery as a tourist destination? There is a friend of mine who loved to visit the old cemetery. Walking across the full field tombstone raises happiness for my friend. My other friend even willing to go to Paris just to visit the tomb of his hero musicians: Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors.

When we are familiar, the old graves could look more beautiful. I wrote a short feature about the beautiful tombs for Getaway Magazine.

I traveled to Baluran National Park a year ago and wrote about it for JalanJalan Magazine on February 2012 issue. People used to called this National Park as Africa van Java. But when I got there, the savanna changed by billion Kapasan Kuning flower. Yeah, it was rainy season and there’s no regret at all. For me, Baluran became more beautiful and felt so dreamy especially in the dawn. You could try birdwatching, safari night, trekking to Mount Baluran and diving on Bama Beach. Such a complete National Park. [Dwi Putri Ratnasari/travelboogie]

PS: Thank you Ayos Purwoaji for some great photos inside!