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Mbak Intan, B & B editor, gave Travelboogie an opportunity to write about the Dieng plateau in the magazine. So, I headed Dieng for the second time. I’d been writing about Dieng in another magazine previously, but I prefer to make the new coverage and look for another writing angle. In this second visit I was also able to explore the Dieng more complete than the first visit, although there are some other attractions in the Dieng complex that has not had time I visit. I feel more satisfied with the photos that I got in this assignment.

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I've just arrived from Bungin, a small island that very densely populated which lies off the northern coast of Sumbawa. Mostly, these islanders are Bajo who live off the sea. They still believe in things related to the customs and beliefs of the ancestors. One of the important events that exist in society Bungin Island is "Sunatan", where the boy who would grow up have to ride a wooden horse and raised around the village. (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

My short feature about rise and fall theaters in Surabaya finally published by Getaway! Magazine. This semi-essay article is reflectioned to Tornatore’s classic, Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. I feel like Toto when he saw his favorite theater collapsed. For me, theaters are important to give a romantic feel for a city.[]