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Sunrise at Sikunir, one of the most beautiful sunrise scene at Central Java. (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

Sikunir hillside in the form of terraced fields (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

One side of Arjuna temple which do not have a lot of detail and ornament (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

Two children who were playing at the Arjuna temple, Dieng (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

Children's dreadlocks are mostly found in the village of Dieng, people believed that this phenomenon is related to local myth of the Kyai Kolodete (Ayos Purwoaji / Travelboogie)

Ayos Purwoaji recently completed his assignment to the Dieng for Bali-based travel magazine. This is the second time he went to the plateau that was located in the top of Wonosobo. Ayos record all aspects of tourism in Dieng properly. Above are some results Ayos photographs as souvenirs.

Ayos got lucky, before coming home at the last day, he met with a dreadlocked kid. This is part of the “Anak Bajang” myth which evolved into a belief in Dieng for thousands years. Little kids are into dreadlocks since a toddler. Their hair allowed to grow and can only be cut after entering school. []


Youths gives meaning to urban space.

There are more than 50 parks in the city of Surabaya. Ayos Purwoaji wrote two pages story for Getaway! magazine about young people who fall in love wit the city parks. They, in its own way, trying to learn to love the city where they live …