Braga is the name of a legendary street in Bandung. According to Her Suganda, in his book “Jendela Bandung”, Braga road began to fame when De Grote Postweg completed in 1810. Originally Braga just passed by the cart, then it was called “Karrenweg”. In 1882 then “Bragaweg” name used, referring to the name of a famous local tonil with the same name.

Currently Braga became the main destination for tourists who visit to Bandung. Various old buildings with colonialism and indische style still standing on the sides of the road.

Ayos Purwoaji took the footages when he was walking down the sidewalk Braga, accompanied by his good-friend, Lydoz. They visited an old patisserie named “Sumber Hidangan” that offer a variety of cake and ice cream with the classic taste.[]

PS: Music is taken from the album of Alexi Murdoch.