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Text and photographs by Dwi Putri Ratnasari / Travelboogie

The dust is flying, the excited shouts, and shrieks of pain melted into one, carrying an old atmosphere that comes from the tradition that has carried down through the generations. My heart thundered when I watched the Mekare-kare, an ancient ritual of the Balinese.

Since long I wanted to watch this pandanus war, I want to see how the stalks of pandan swiped to the back of the opponent and leave wounds that drain the fresh blood. In the form of sacrifice blood to the god Indra, symbolic of prosperity and war.

I witnessed this event in a traditional village located Tenganan in East Bali. This village is one of the few villages that still hold firm beliefs and lifestyle of their ancestors who lived hundreds of years ago.[]


The Statue (Ayos Purowoaji/Ayos Purwoaji)

The Relief (Ayos Puwoaji/Travelboogie)

The Monk (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

The Temple (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)