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The mystical morning at the Klayar Beach. On top of the rolling waves, the mist hung eternity. Sunlight emerging from behind the rocky hills and open the veil of silence. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Suroto, is a coconut sap collector. For people on the Klayar Beach, coconut sap is important, because this is the main ingredient of palm sugar. This is the kind of home industry that can be easily found around Klayar Beach. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Some boys from Solo seen playing with waves happily, whereas, the previous week there were four people who drowned at this coast. Vicious wave and less of signs for the tourists led to many accidents at Klayar. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Fiski and sister stand to see the Indonesia ocean. They stood on the cliffs that surround the Klayar Beach. The lack of warning caused tourists dare to stand in dangerous positions just to take photos. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)


Flash documentary about slum living inside Jakarta. This video is my response about 7 Billion earth population that issued by National Geographic. I think there is similiarity about over population problem at the capital city around the world.

I made this video with MinoHD camera handheld. Lukman Simbah helped me to take some footage.

Music by Aerosmith and The Doors.

(Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

(Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

(Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

(Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

(Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

Last week Dwi Putri Ratnasari visited Lasem, the small coastal town between Tuban and Semarang. This is a pretty little town that haveĀ  many historical relics, including various types of old buildings with architectural style of the Peranakan.

Putri exploring every corner of the town enthusiastically. Lasem located about 30 minutes from Rembang. She met the old man and historians who are still alive, finally Putri got a lot of folklores on her journey this time.

One of the most famous myth is the taboo across the city for the Chinese who has a clan Han. Then the area became cursed, the Han clan anyone who passes, then the rest of his life will be unlucky. “I was invited to the tomb of Han ancestry who condemn this town, but unfortunately I have no picture …” said Putri.[]

Finally after many phases of editing and rewriting, my article about Baluran appear on National Geographic Traveler Indonesia. On this article, i’ve been helped by National Park Officials and Ferzya Farhan, an Acehnese-born young diver. Ferzya told me a lot about underwater attractions in Baluran diving spots. “This is one of the best dive site in Indonesia according to my experiences…” Ferzya said.