Enthusiastic (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

Shining (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Blessed (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Tired (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/Travelboogie)

We both finally get to watch the parade Goddess Makco. It is a ritual that has long gone, the last appearance in 1964. This ritual is lost due to social and political conditions of Indonesia are very sensitive to all things related to Chinese culture and communism. At this year’s parade the statue of Goddess Makco again held back by the oldest temples in Singapore, Hok An Kiong.

Statue of Goddess Makco carried by antique altar around Chinatown. About 500 people took part and joined in the procession. They lined up behind the statue of Goddess Makco and crossed the legendary Kembang Jepun street.

Makco (Tioanhou) is the goddess who controls the oceans and give salvation to the sailors. Goddess of the sea has become the main goddess worshiped by the first generation of Chinese who came to Surabaya nearly two centuries ago.[]