Two old women carrying offerings of eggs and yellow tofu to be given to the god of Tian Hong, the protective Goddess of sailors and traveling merchants, in Klenteng Hok An Kiong. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

On Sunday morning, at Surabaya Chinatown morning turned into a big market. Everyone came to see the various items that are sold cheaply. (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)

Boen Bio is the oldest Confucian temple in Surabaya. Having a history and unique architectural form. However the interior layout is also very impressive, there is a blend of cultures between China, the Dutch, and Java in it. (Ayos Purwoaj/Travelboogie)

The gate of Kya-Kya. At the time of the Dutch period the street name is Handelstraat, during Japan occupation this street better known as Kembang Jepun. This is the legendary road trade center and lifestyle of the Chinese in Surabaya that inspired Remy Sylado to make a novel with the title "Kembang Jepun". (Ayos Purwoaji/Travelboogie)