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My feature about trekking in Kurima, Wamena was published on Travelounge Magazine 2010 December Edition.


Printed Dwi Putri's article on Liburan Magazine

That day Pamekasan regency square was so muddy, the day before rain fell so heavily. Dwi Putri Ratnasari walking on tiptoe, trying to avoid the puddles of water all over the square. Although her petite-woman-Converse-shoes eventually tainted by the mud all over its surface, Dwi Putri really loves this event. “The reportage is very interesting! Finally I saw how the cows were given a massage and make up hahaha …”

The results of this long coverage is one-page article published in Liburan magazine in December 2010 edition. []

I caught this picture on the way to the Suroba village. Two local residents driving a pair of fixie, which is currently a trend in urban teen today. (Ayos Purwoaji/TravelBoogie)

I met these three young children while doing trekking across Baliem. At first I thought just meet with a fairies who were playing water. Apparently the three of them just children who was in the shower before doing worship in the Church. (Ayos Purwoaji/TravelBoogie)

Almost impossible for the people of Wamena to experiencing the salty-taste. But villagers Jiwika has its own way to get salt. They create the cut of banana trunks as an absorber of salty taste in Salt Spring, a small puddle of water that contains salt located on a mountain top. (Ayos Purwoaji/TravelBoogie)

The tribes of Wamena has a tradition of making mummification, this culture has been done for thousands of years. Unlike Egypt, which uses balsam technology, Wamena people make the mummy with body dry-smoke method for 200 days. They do this to honor their ancestor.

There are 2500 Komodo dragons that live on the Komodo National Park. So, watch your step! (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/TravelBoogie)

Pink Beach Flores, view from the top of hill. (Dwi Putri Ratnasari/TravelBoogie)

There are approximately 2500 heads Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) living today. They live on the island of Rinca, Komodo, and Padar in East Nusa Tenggara. These islands designated as national parks, and became candidate for the election of The New Seven Wonders of Nature. Number of voting for the Komodo National Park continue to fall. So please support the Komodo National Park as one of the wonders in this world that sustainable until today.

Besides Komodo, other things to offer of both islands is natural beauty that incredible great. Please visit the Pink Beach which has a reddish sand beaches and underwater scenery is captivating. It is a paradise for divers. There are also several dive spots that have different challenges and scenery.

To support the Komodo National Park as one of the wonders of the world, please click on this link.[]